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To book Badgergrass, call or text Mike @ 920.327.0848!

                                 Your Friends.....Mike V, Molly, James, Mike D, Randy and Brianna.

Southern Feelings......                                 

It all started with a feeling...a "southern feeling", to bring authentic bluegrass and classical country music to Northeast Wisconsin.  Badgergrass was formed in 2014 and has been actively entertaining in the Green Bay area ever since.  The group had humble beginnings......initially practicing in a garage, and their first gig  taking place during intermission at a Green Bay  Community Theater show.  Today, popularity  is keeping them busy, sometimes as often as three times in one week!  It is the cumulative experience and influence of all group members that  builds the most powerful sound.  

Little  did we know at the time that we were evoking a rare moment in American music in the late 1930s, when traditional styles came together, as they endearingly put it, to flow as one river and create American popular music on radio. The first decades of the last century will long be heralded as the blossom of American music and creation of now, old treasures.  That period continues to inspire many a band.  Badgergrass specializes in the tight and lovely harmonies of authentic bluegrass, old country and early radio.  Their shows combine a fresh take on bluegrass, mountain music while  maintaining  its authenticity and country heart-breakers, gospel, pop songs with a bluegrass flavor and fancy picking.  You will hear traditional "old time" songs  from Bill Monroe, Merle Haggard, and Jimmy Rogers, as well more contemporary covers from the likes of Van Morrison and Jewel.  We also spice up our shows with heartfelt originals.


The cast of characters:  "The Doc" (term used loosely) James Marker on guitar, banjo, harmonica, ukulele, with story-telling songs and precision vocals...a rare talent;  and our "voice from the angels," "Miss Molly" Summers, superb vocal leads, harmony, bass and guitar.  Rounding out this crew is the infamous "Wasabi Mike" Van de Kamp with his "Elvis-esque"vocals, (mountain) humor, guitar and caring (yes, he does care!).  Mike "Dr. Dray" Draney on mandolin, sousaphone, tuba, jaw harp and countrified vocals.  Now some exciting news; Brianna"Bri" Healey has joined us with her fiddle and angelic vocals. Randy "Stitch"  Kostichka is joining in the Badgergrass celebration with a truckload of instruments, including fiddle, lap steel guitar, guitar and dobro. I must say, this is a show you will want to see and hear!!! 


Acknowledgements, sometimes we need to thank our friends:


  • Special thanks to McKim Boyd and The wonderful Union Hotel for allowing our old time photo shoot at their facilities.  Great place, great staff, great food!

  • Special thanks to Fanny Van de Kamp and Adam Krehbiel for their recent photography contributions at the photo shoot and in the studio.  Very nice!

  • Special thanks to Arlene Marker  being such a great help with equipment as well as  soundcheck feedback!

  • Thank you Marc Golde of Rock Garden Studio in Appleton for your help and guidance in our studio album recording of Hobo Pie!


Testimonials, people who have heard us have this to say:

  • "I bet you  guys have fun playing together, nice vibe!  Your gal (Molly) has a sweet voice.  Very strong!  Your originals are nice!"  Claire Lynch, 3 time Female Vocalist of the Year (IBMA), twice nominated for Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album. 

  • "Really enjoyed it. You guys have a fun sound, and yes, Molly is awesome. Her voice is beautiful. Hope to see you guys down the road." Robert Demovsky, NFL Writer,


  • "We haven't heard such authentic bluegrass music since the days we used to live in Georgia", patrons, Village Grille, Allouez, Wisconsin.   


  • "I can't make change when she (Molly) sings", Bill, owner Blue Opus, Bellevue, Wisconsin (Note:  He likes her!)


  • "I love you guys!", Doreen,  former owner , La Vie Boheme, De Pere, Wisconsin.


  • "Unique, tight harmony", Jan, Cup o Joy, Green Bay , Wisconsin.


  • "Great  sound!", Marvin and Gentry, Nashville, Tennessee.


  • "You guys sound like old time radio, very unique", Coordinator, Pulaski Summer Music, Pulaski, Wisconsin.


  • "You guys are great!  We want you to  be a regular here!", Kathy, owner, Village Grille, Allouez , Wisconsin.

  • "You were wonderful.  Very professional and very entertaining!  The best we've heard here!", patron, Green Bay Botanical  Gardens.


  • "You guys are great.....Molly....WOW.....Little Mountain Church House...rate it 4.8 all day long..."  Suzy and Ron Pfeifer after attending their 12th show.

  • "Hello Badgergrass!...just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the Algoma show last night very much!!!..the groups harmonies were outstanding!!!...a very strong part of your band and Molly's vocals were just awesome!!!...i love her voice!!!...loved the comedy you guys had going too...James is pretty funny!!!....heard one of John's originals and really liked it!!!...didn't know it was John's til after you played it!!...nice job"!..............Mickbass Maloney

Future Gigs:


May 27, 2024: Cold Country Vines&Wines, 2:30-5:00 PM, Kewaunee

May 29, 2024: The Convent Concert (Private), 6:00-7:30, Green Bay

June 14, 2024: The Cup O Joy, 525 N Taylor Street, Grn Bay, 7:30-9:15 PM

June 21, 2024: Stage Door Pub, 701 Franklin, Manitowoc, WI 7-10:00 PM

July 31, 2024: Broadway Farmer's Market, 4-8:00 PM, Grn Bay, WI

August 4, 2024: Music at Memorial Park, Pulaski, WI 6:30-7:30 PM

August 31, 2024: Saturday Farmer's Market, Dowtn Grn Bay, 9-11:30 AM

October 12, 2024: WINEaLot Vinyards, Greenleaf 2-5:00 PM


Fall 2024: LaVie Taverne, De Pere TBD

Winter 2024: TBD, Christmas at The Cup

Winter 2024: TBD, Additional Christmas Shows

Past Gigs:


May 3, 2024, LaVie Taverne, 421 George St, De Pere, WI 8:00-10:30 PM

May 16, 2024: Encompass Meeting, Gather on Broadway, Private Event


February 4, 2023: (As Good News), GB Wildlife Sanctuary FamFrostFest

May 13, 2023: LaVie Taverne, 8:00-10:00, De Pere

May 26, 2023: Cup O Joy, Friday 7:30-9:15, Green Bay 

May 29, 2023: Cold Country Vines&Wines, 2:30-5:00 PM, Kewaunee

May 31, 2023: The Convent Concert (Private), 6:00-7:30, Green Bay

June 7, 2023: Broadway Farmer's Market, 4-8:00 PM, Green Bay, WI

August 26, 2023: The Stage Door Pub, Manitowoc, 6:30-9:30 PM

November 28, 2023: The Cup O'Joy, 7:30-9:15, The Christmas Show!

December 8, 2023: LaVie Taverne, 8:00-10:00, De Pere, Christmas Plus


May 14, 2022: Algoma Performing Arts Center , Time 7:00 PM

May 27, 2022: The Cup, Friday 7:30-9:15, Green Bay

May 30, 2022: Cold Country Vines&Wines, 2:30-5:00 PM, Kewaunee

June 18, 2022: BayBeach Wildlife Sanctuary, 11:00-2:00 PM, Green Bay

July 28, 2022: Algoma Heritage Park Concert, Starts at 7:00 PM

July 30, 202: Private Event, Up North WI, 12-5:00 PM

August 24, 2022: The Farmer's Mkt on Broadway, 4-8PM

November 25, 2022, The Cup O'Joy, 7:30-9:15, The Christmas Show!


May 28, 2021: The Cup, Friday 7:30-9:15, Green Bay

September 1, 2021: The Farmer's Mkt on Broadway, 4-8PM

September 4, 2021: Cold Country, 2:00-6:00 PM, Kewaunee

October 15, 2021:  La Vie Boheme, 6:30-8:30, De Pere

December 11, 2021: The Cup O'Joy, 7:30-9:15, The Christmas Show!                          


January 17, 2020: LaVie Boheme, Friday 8:00-10:30, De Pere

February 6, 2020: The Village Grille, Thurs. 6-8:30 PM, Allouez

February 26, 2020: The Blue Opus Wednesday 6:30-9:00, Bellevue

March 25, 2020: The Village Grille,                         Covid 19/Cancelled

April 3, 2020: The Cup O'Joy,                                     

April 11, 2020, La Vie Boheme, Saturday                 

April 16, 2020: The Blue Opus, Thursday               

April 23, 2020: The Village Grille, Thursday           

May 9, 2020, Algoma PAC-Details TBD                   

May 14, 2020: The Village Grille,                               

June 17, 2020: Broadway Farmer's Mkt,                   

June 20, 2020: Downtown GB Farmer's Market,    

June 20, 2020: Private Party, 4-8:00, Green Bay     

June 25, 2020: The Village Grille                               

July 23, 2020, Algoma Concert in the Park Series  

August 20, 2020: The Village Grille                           

August 22, 2020: Downtown GB Farmer's Market  

September 3, 2020: The Village Grille                   

September 12, 2020: The Cup, Saturday 7:30-9:15, Green Bay

October 1, 2020: The Village Grille                            

October 22, 2020: The Blue Opus                             

November 12, 2020: The Village Grille                      

December 10, 2020: The Village Grille                      


January 11, 2019:  La Vie Boheme, De Pere

January 17, 2019:  The Village Grille, Allouez

February 21, 2019:  The Village Grille 6-9, Allouez

February 28, Blue Opus 6:30-9:30, Bellevue

March 28, 2019:  The Village Grille 6-9, Allouez

April 6, 2019: La Vie Boheme 7:30-10:30, De Pere (Duo)

April 20, 2019, Cup O Joy 7:30-9:15, Green Bay

April 25, 2019:  The Village Grille 6-9, Allouez

May 16, 2019:  Oak Park Place, Green Bay

May 11, 2019:  Performing Arts Center, 7-9, Algoma

May 14, 2019:  The Village Grille 6:00 PM, Allouez

June 11, 2019:  The Weidner Center Stage, (Private)

June 27, 2019:  The Village Grille 6:00 PM, Allouez

August 13, 2019: Brown County Library 7-8, Ashwaubenon

August 1, 2019:  The Village Grille 6:00 PM, Allouez 

August 10, 2019: The Waterfront, La Crosse (Private)

August 20, 2019: Parkway Highlands Boohya Party, Green Bay, Private

August 29, 2019: Concert in The (Heritage) Park, 7-9:00 PM, Algoma

September 4, 2019: YMCA Picnic 11:00 AM, Green Isle Park

September 5, 2019:  The Village Grille 6:00 PM, Allouez/Cancelled

September 14, 2019, Cup O Joy 7:30-9:15, Green Bay

September 18, 2019, Broadway Farmer's Market 4-7, Green Bay

September 25, 2019, The Blue Opus 6:30-9:00, Bellevue

October 10, 2019:  The Village Grille 6:00 PM, Allouez

October 24, 2019 The Blue Opus 6:30-9:00, Bellevue

October 26, 2019: Downtown Farmer's Market 9-11:30, Green Bay

November 14, 2019:  The Village Grille 6:00 PM, Allouez

December 12, 2019:  The Village Grille 6:00 PM, Allouez


January 17, 2018: La Vie Boheme, De Pere

February 7, 2018: Blue Opus, belleview

March 20, 2018:  Kress Family Library, De Pere

April 6, 2018: Cup O Joy, Green Bay

April 10, 2018: Blue Opus, Belleview

April 21, 2018: La Vie Boheme, De Pere

May 5, 2018: Black and Tan, Green Bay

June 1, 2018: La Vie Boheme, De Pere

June 5, 2018: Blue Opus, Belleview

June 21, 2018: Village Grille, Allouez

June 30, 2018: Northshore Golf Club, Menasha

July 4, 2018:  Community Gazebo 4th Celebration, Seymour

July 6, 2018: La Vie Boheme, De Pere

July 17, 2018: Blue Opus, Belleview

August 22, 2018: The Green Bay Botanical Garden

August 29, 2018: Blue Opus, Bellevue

September 15, 2018:  Cup O Joy, Green Bay

September 22, 2018: Rock Garden Studio, Appleton

October 19, 2018:  La Vie Boheme, De Pere

October 25, 2018:  Village Grille, Allouez

November 8, 2018:  Blue Opus, Bellevue


La Vie Boheme

Green Bay Community Theater

Kress Public Library

Northshore Golf Club

Cup of Joy


La Vie Boheme

Green Bay Community Theater

Kress Public Library

Northshore Golf Club

Cup of Joy


La Vie Boheme

Kress Public Library

Northshore Golf Club

Art Garage Ballroom Gala


Green Bay Community Theater

Art Garage 

We are always looking to make friends in new venues!  Let us know....give us a referral!


Gig Schedule
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Want to book the group for a public or private event?  Want to learn more about BADGERGRASS, their experience, and their professional music development? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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Personal Profile

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. BADGERGRASS loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. The members of our group find great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process. We actively participate in the creation and composition of our original songs.  Take a look around the site to get to know more about BADGERGRASS.

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New Album, Hobo Pie

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”

Victor Hugo

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